Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Licensed Massage Therapist Carolyn Cook offers an integrative approach to health based on the ancient tenants of Classical Chinese medicine and Chinese herbs. An integrative approach employs a “bird’s eye view” of the body rather than focusing on symptoms or a solitary system or organ.It is creating healthy relationships within the body that is of primary importance. To this end, Classical Chinese medicine seeks to restore balance and harmony to these relationships using acupuncture, massage and chinese medicine. Together we can build a healthier body for a better quality of life.



Acupuncture’s roots date back thousands of years. Scholars of Classical Chinese Acupuncture studied nature’s patterns and rhythms and investigated how this wisdom applied to health and disease in the human body… Read More.

Chinese Medicine

Carolyn Cook is a doctor of chinese medicine (herbalist), acupuncture physician and a licensed massage therapist. She has been in private practice for 20 years in Pinecrest, Fl. Herbal Medicine also has… Read More.


Massage, both art and science, is healing, nurturing and comforting and a wonderful addition to any form of practice. Its roots are as ancient as acupuncture. One of the oldest known books… Read More.



The history of acupuncture goes back at least 2500 years to ancient Chinese medical practices. The process has evolved over time and recently begun to gain a lot of attention in the western world. Millions of Americans receive Acupuncture treatment every year, often for chronic pain. The treatment involves the insertion of very thin medical-grade needles into specific locations on the body. It is considered to be safe when performed by a trained specialist. Many insurance companies cover it as a part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Early medical experts in China believed that each person has a life force flowing through them known as chi or qi. This energy travels through the body along specific pathways unless disrupted by some force. This disruption causes or results in discomfort or illness.

Acupuncturists review the symptoms a patient has along with their medical history in order to determine where the flow of qi is disrupted. Then, they place the needles into locations known to be associated with the difficulties the patient is experiencing. These may be left in place for a span of ten minutes to an hour while the patient relaxes in a comfortable room. The treatment may also include the manipulation of the needles in order to enhance the session. In addition to heat, the acupuncturist may also send electrical impulses through the needs. Movements such as twirling may also be employed.

In order to fully restore the proper energy flow, more than one visit is often required. Most practitioners will do a few sessions close together and then start spacing them out until the patient energy flow has corrected itself. If you are experiencing a medical condition that is not responding well to western treatments, contact Classical Herbs and Acupuncture, Inc. in Pinecrest, FL – Acupuncture Miami at (305) 665-9711 to learn about how we can help.